Good things come
to those who pluk®

Got a question?

If you want to know more about pluk® or you're experiencing any issues using pluk, check out the FAQs our clever chickens put together:

About the app TOP

What is pluk®?

pluk® is a smartphone app that lets you pluk offers you see on TV or hear on the radio. When you see a pluk logo on an ad, open and activate your pluk app, it listens to the ad, then delivers great content straight to your smartphone or device so you can do things straight away, like buy things.

Where can I download the app?

pluk® can be used on most iPhones and Android smartphones (see list below). If you live in New Zealand (lucky you) you can download the app for free via the apple App Store or the Android Market.

How much does it cost?

Zilch. Nothing. Its free.

Why do I have to register the app?

When you download the app, a registration screen appears and asks for your name, your mobile phone number and your email address. The chickens behind the app need this info to register your device, so we know where to send your pluks and related offers. We won't share this information with anyone – even our best friends – unless you tell us it's OK for a specific campaign or offer. Look out for a confirmation email once you've registered for more details. We've got your privacy covered.

How does pluk® work?

Now that's a secret.

How it doesn't work we can tell you. To get cool stuff off the TV, you don't have to txt, email or remember a clumsy web address – let alone call an 0800 number (that's so 1991).

Just pluk®.

What are push notifications?

When you first download the app, a small screen will pop up asking you about "push notifications". You can choose to "OK" or "deny" this setting – which is controlled by your phone (not pluk®). If you tap "OK" it means we can notify you from time to time when we update certain things about our app.

About Campaigns and Offers TOP

How do I know which ads to pluk®?

When you're watching telly, keep an eye out for ads displaying the pluk® logo pluk – these ads have something cool you can pluk.

How do I pluk® an ad?

  1. See a pluk® logo on an ad? Great.
  2. Grab your phone and tap on the pluk app.
  3. Tap on "Touch to pluk" and turn your phone to face the TV.
  4. The app's now listening to the ad…
  5. Then the app will count down while the chickens deliver the offer to your phone.
  6. You'll know it's arrived when you hear the distinctive pluk sound, and your phone will vibrate.
  7. If the chickens couldn't find an offer to match your pluk – you may have just missed the ad, or they couldn't quite hear it. Never fear – you can search for the offer yourself using the "Search" icon in the app. Type in a keyword (e.g. the brand name of the ad you saw), and the chickens will take another look for you.

What types of pluk® offers can I get?

There's a huge variety of content and offers an advertiser can set up for you to pluk®. Here are a few examples….

…"Want that discount pizza deal? Just pluk it!!"
…"Love that car – pluk it to find out more…"
…"pluk to enter that competition … within a tap or two, you're in the draw"
…"Seen an ad for your favourite TV programme? pluk it to find out more…"
…"Rate or vote for your favourite entrants in interactive TV Shows"
…"Sign-up, Join-in, Register for that stuff you want"
…"Buy concert and event tickets on the spot"

And so much more – just pluk it!

Who creates pluk® campaigns and offers?

Any brand who advertises on TV can create pluk® offers and campaigns. If you're an advertiser and want to know more, please contact us

How do I find something I've pluked?

Go to the "my pluk®s" screen in the app, and you'll see the offers you've recently pluked. All current offers can be viewed by tapping on them. If the offer is still valid, you can interact with it depending on the advertiser's T&C's. When an offer expires (determined by the advertiser), the offer will appear greyed out and you won't be able to view it.

How long are my pluk®s valid for?

This varies depending on the advertisers' T&Cs. When a pluk® offer has expired, it will remain in your "my pluks" for a short period of time, and will eventually be removed.

How do I delete old pluk®s?

You can now remove old pluk®s from the ‘my pluks' menu.

For iPhone / iPad: tap on the ‘edit' button at the top of the screen; tap on the ‘-‘ icon, then tap on the ‘delete' button.

For Android: tap and hold on the pluk you wish to delete, then tap on the delete option that appears.

Can I share my pluk®s with friends?

Yes. Please do! Get them pluking cool stuff too.

Tap on the "Share" button on your pluk ®screen, or from the Facebook link in the "More" screen and tell your friends all about pluk on Facebook.

Technical FAQsTOP

What type of phone do I need to pluk®?

You need one of these devices to be able to pluk®:

I'm having trouble pluking

First check:

Then check:

Still having problems? Please email us at so we can help trouble-shoot your problem – make sure you include the make and model of your phone so our chickens can start looking in the right place.

When I pluk® something, the app tells me it's expired.

Check that the date and time are set correctly on your phone.

How do I get updates to the app?

From time to time our clever chickens will work out cool new things you can do with pluk®. When they're ready, they'll push you a message so you can upgrade to the latest version of pluk. It'll take you a few seconds to give you access to the new features of the app.

I've changed my phone – what should I do to get pluk® again?

Just download and register the app again. If your mobile and email address are the same, we'll replace your record. If either has changed, we'll create a new record for you. No worries.