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pluk® Privacy Policy

We know you value your privacy so we pinky-promise not to tell anyone about you, unless you give us permission to. Read on for the full version.

Collection and Use of Information

pluk® may collect and use information about you when you register and use pluk.

  1. When you register with pluk, we may collect the information you provide about yourself such as your name, email address, mobile phone number or other information that identifies you personally, to provide pluk services or communicate with you. This information may be used:
    1. To facilitate the delivery of marketing services and/or advertising offers;
    2. To keep you informed of products and services or update you about new pluk developments;
    3. To resolve problems, technical or security issues;
    4. To enforce pluk’s terms and conditions;
    5. For detecting or protecting against fraud or other criminal activity;
    6. As otherwise advised to you at the time of collecting the information.
  2. As you use pluk, we may collect non-identifying information about your general internet and application use. Your browser supplies various information about your internet and application usage, including through cookies and other devices. This information helps us monitor and analyse usage, improve our services, provides information about the geographical location where the service is accessed and monitor our service. This information is aggregated across all of our users and does not link to personal identifiable information.
  3. pluk may outsource to third parties one or more aspects of the business, services or products we supply to you. pluk will not share information you provide about yourself with those third parties, except where the information is required for them to supply their services or communicate with you. These parties are only provided with information that is necessary to perform their functions for pluk, and only in relation to the services they provide to pluk.
  4. pluk may disclose your information if required to by any legal process, or to comply with the law.
  5. pluk may share anonymous aggregated information with companies/advertisers using the pluk application to promote its products and/or services. This would be in the form of aggregated statistics of numbers, demographics and geographic locations of users who have used pluk to access each of the company/advertiser promotions. This information is aggregated across all of our users and does not link to personal identifiable information.
  6. pluk will only share information that could be used to identify you personally with companies/advertisers using the pluk application to promote its products and/or services with your explicit consent.
  7. Should pluk be bought by or merged with another company, or in the event Foxtrot Media Limited sells its assets relating to pluk, we reserve the right to transfer or assign the information we have collected from you and all of our users as part of any such process.

Communications from pluk®

If you do not want to receive alerts or notifications from pluk®, please choose that option when registering for pluk. You can update your preference at any time via the Notifications settings on your device.

Storage of information

We have procedural safeguards to protect your personal information. Your personal information will be stored on secured servers in the United States of America and New Zealand, and pluk® will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your personal information is stored and processed securely and in accordance with this privacy policy and all applicable laws.

Privacy of young children

pluk® recognises the importance of safeguarding the privacy of young children. We do not knowingly collect, maintain or share any information on pluk from people under the age of 13. If you are 13 years of age or under, do not use or access pluk at any time. Any person who provides personal information with pluk is deemed to represent themselves as over 13 years of age.

Your feedback

We look forward to your feedback on any aspect of pluk®’s service. You can contact us at Any feedback you provide us will be treated by us as non-confidential.

However, please do not provide us with ideas you consider are original to improve or alter our service or our platform. We ask this to ensure that there are not any potential or actual disputes, disagreements or claims if developments or changes we make to pluk seem similar to your feedback or idea.

If, notwithstanding our request that you do not send us such ideas, pluk receives such ideas from you, you agree that those ideas and their details become our property without any compensation paid to you, and no claims of ownership from you. You also agree that we may use any such ideas as we see fit and there is no obligation to keep them confidential.

Review of policy

pluk® may review this policy at any time, and if it is updated or changed, it will be available on our website with an effective date. Continued use of pluk signifies acceptance of the changes or updates to the policy. Please check our policies and terms and conditions regularly to update yourself on any new terms.

Questions regarding privacy

If you have any questions regarding pluk® privacy, or this privacy policy please contact us by emailing us on